Introducing DOGEMEX Token

In order to continue the development of DOGEMEX into the best Dogecoin derivatives exchange that can possibly exist (i.e. a fully decentralized and user-friendly platform), we need to raise some funds.

To accomplish that we have come up with a unique value proposition. We have created the DOGEMEX Token that will become an integral part of the DOGEMEX exchange.

How does it work?

All revenue collected by the DOGEMEX exchange (trading and funding fees) is transferred to the DOGEMEX Token contract where the funds are split into 2 shares:

  1. 80% is sent to the operational wallet and used to cover the running costs, maintenance costs, and marketing
  2. 20% is used to buyback DOGEMEX Tokens from holders. (This is done in a decentralized way through UniSwap DEX). All tokens bought back are burned and the total supply reduced.


The starting price for the DOGEMEX token is approx. 1$ (can vary with ETH price movement) with the price going up as more tokens are sold. Tokens are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

The DOGEMEX Token is a decentralized token with a guaranteed buyer (in the form of the DOGEMEX Exchange) and a decreasing supply. Buying the token is a great way to share in the success of DOGEMEX.

Below you can find the token information:

Token Specification

Token Name: DOGEMEX
Initial Supply: 21,000,000 (21 Million tokens)
Token Address: 0x4baa1614c9f57367a9abf63027b9341ea4042a20
Decimals: 18
UniSwap Exchange Contract: To be announced
Project URL:



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